Cao Fei (曹斐), My Future Is Not A Dream 01, 2006
120 x 150 cm, C-Print
Xiang Yang (向阳), The Second Phase (笫二形态), 2012
Old Trees, Mink Fur
Li Jie & Zhang Jungang (李洁 & 张君钢)
You Li (游莉), Latitude of Silence
"This series of photographs was taken on several trips near the northern Chinese boarder between 2007 and 2009. Perhaps by making peace with my life, the teenage rebellion toward my hometown, the confused and unsettled feelings faded in time, replace by my acceptance, intentional and unintentional silence.
This series of photographs present a somewhat unrealistic Northern China, which probably exists in the gap of my memories. They are about where I came from and times of indecision.”
Li Hui (李晖), Reincarnation (Red Laser Light), 2007
Tamen (他们), Migrant Workers, 2006
Lai Shengyu and Yang Xiaogang (their joint pseudonym means “they” or “them”) say they are exploring “the insanity of the everyday”. - White Rabbit Collection
Cao Fei (曹斐), Haze and Fog 15, 2013
105 x 70 cm, C-Print
Ah Xian, Bust 15 (part of China, China series), 1999

Ai Weiwei - A Ton of Tea (2007) - Dried/compressed leaves of Chinese Pur Er
Yang Shaobin (杨少斌), Dance Couple, 1997
Oil on Canvas
Sui Jianguo (隋建国), Legacy Mantle, 1997.
cast aluminium, 244 x 179 x 122 cm. 
Sui Jianguo (隋建国), Untitled, 1987
Plaster, 50 x 60 x 40 cm
Song Dong (宋冬), Hutong
Installation, 1213 × 194 × 344 cm 
Sun Yuan (孙原) & Peng Yu (彭禹), If I Died (要我死了), 2013